Cargo Services

General Cargo

General cargo are goods transported on our freighters that do not need any special handling or packaging other than mandated by Governmental enforcement agencies, such as TSA, FAA, and others.

Live Animals

Florida West specializes in the air transportation of live animals on our domestic and international routes. You can feel at ease moving these special shipments with Florida West.


Perishable Goods are those which may deteriorate if exposed to changes in temperature or humidity, or delay in carriage.

  • Florida West can safely and expeditiously move your perishable cargo to almost anywhere in the world.
  • With trained people, excellent cooler facilities and state-of-the-art aircraft your cargo is safe with us.

Dangerous Goods

"Dangerous goods are articles or substances, which, when transported by air, are capable of posing a significant risk to health safety, or property."

Dangerous Goods need special handling, packaging, and labeling. At Florida West we have experts to assist you on these matters.

Oversized & Overweight

Oversized and overweight cargo are shipments whose individual weight exceeds maximum capacity per aircraft position or whose individual size is larger than the standard dimensions of a pallet's contour on a freighter aircraft.
These pieces may require special and careful handling as well as special equipment, such as cranes, larger than normal pallets (i.e. 16', 20'), tie-downs, etc.
At Florida West we can assist you with the transportation of your oversized and/or overweight cargo.


Valuable cargo items are those that have a declared value of $5,000 USD (or more) or the declared value is more than $1,000 USD per gross kilogram.

At Florida West, regardless of the value declared by a shipper, the following items are also considered to be valuable cargo and are subject to certain rules and restrictions:

  • Gold, platinum group metals
  • Legal banknotes, traveler's checks, securities, share coupons, and stamps.
  • Precious stones, including diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals and pearls.
  • Jewelry, watches and articles made of silver, gold and/or platinum.
  • Any article having a declared value for carriage of USD1,000 or more per gross kilogram.